Fighting Hunger Pains. Belly Vore

Artist: Metalforever. “cm:fighting hunger pains”
Music: Rollin Back – MK2
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School Bully. Girls Vore

Artist: Lampton.
Music: Cheating Juarez – John Deley and the 41 Players, The Darkness – MK2

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The Worst Wrong. Girls Vore

Artist: Anndygirl.
Music: Lovers Squared – Letter Box

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Night Out. Vore Comics

Artist: SeekGr and Xinless “Night Out”
Music: Hitting the Streets – JR Tundra, Your Voice Is American – Letter Box, Fringe Trimmed Boots – Bird Creek

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Sailor’s Girls Vore Comics

Artist: vale-city. This video contains such comics: A Sailors feast, A Sailor’s banquet and A Sailor’s Dessert.
Music: Home – Letter Box
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Vore Girls: Vorality!!! (Mortal Kombat)

Artist: Natsumemetalsonic Character: Kitana, Mileena

Music: Donors – Letter Box

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