The Auction. Simple Vore Comic

Artist: Gokai Vore Art
Music: Water Lily – The 126ers

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Flutterbat Is Back! MLP Vore Comic

parody: my little pony friendship is magic
character: applejack, fluttershy, pinkie pie
artist: natsumemetalsonic
music: Hey Now – MK2

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Stuffening of Madame Axi. Belly Inflation

artist: axlwisp
music: Hitting the Streets – JR Tundra

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Predatory Fairy Vore

artist: axlwisp
music: Destructoid – MK2

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Arcade. Belly Vore

Artist: SeekGr
Music: Hitting the Streets – JR Tundra

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Giantess Belly Inflation Vore

parody: kantai collection
artist: kuzu
music: Scissor Vision – Letter Box

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