Kuroneko(Oreimo). Belly Vore

Parody: My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute
Artist: Voraciousmoga
Music: The End Is Near – Gunnar Olsen

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Vore Comic: Urusei Yatsura

artist: Voraciousmoga and Freimgul “The other reason why Lum dumped Rei”
music: Climbing – Bird Creek

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Attack on Titan. Giant Vore

This video consists of two sets:
“Armin Arlert: Mikasa’s Meal (No Digestion)” by snifer25
“Eren x Armin Vore” by michat2
Music: The Darkness – MK2

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Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon). Vore Trap

Artist: Natsumemetalsonic “Sailor Jupiter in the Vore Trap (Sailor Moon)”
Music: On My Life — Letter Box, Gunnar Olsen – Barge

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Seras Doesn’t Bite. Hellsing Vore

parody: hellsing
character: seras victoria
artist: vale-city
music: Donors – Letter Box

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Nanoha, Vore in the Sky

Artist: Natsumemetalsonic. Parody: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Music: Dark Lotus – MK2

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Vore a Live (Date a Live)

parody: date a live
character: kurumi tokisaki, origami tobiichi
artist: acerok | marty z
music: Creepin – MK2

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Waitress Catgirl And Alien Girl. Belly Furry Vore

Artist: Tiberius
Music: Your Voice Is American – Letter Box

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Spice and Wolf. Giantess Vore Comic

Artist: Umbrage00
Music: New Tires – Silent Partner

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Welcome To The Vore Club

artist: karbo
music: Infrared – Letter Box

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