Rey & Finn. Star Wars Vore.

Artist: “Rey eats Finn comic” by DarthCyriptis
Music: Locked Out – Silent Partner

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Royal Snack. Giantess Vore

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Artist: “Royal Snack” by MartyZ-Art
Music: Creepin – MK2

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A Halloween mystery. Belly Vore

Artist: “A Halloween mystery” by SeekGr
Music: Hitman – Kevin MacLeod

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Cat-like Vampire. Belly Vore

Artist: AvoraComics “Cat-like vampire”
Music: Run – Max Surla/Media Right Productions

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Princess Bubblegum | Adventure Time Vore

Artist: BleedingStalker
Music:Two Step – Huma-Huma

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Girl Genie. Absorption Vore

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Сomics: “Lusta and Marie – Genie Meanie”, “Lusta and Marie – Lusta’s new Body”, “Slimy Marie’s Attack” by Ragadabah
Music: Heat Wave – John Deley and the 41 Players

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