The reality is dangerous. Vore Comic

Artis: snoup77 “CM vore -The reality is dangerous.”
Music: Transmission – John Deley and the 41 Players

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New Shoes. Vore

Artist: VoraciousRose
Music: On My Life – Letter Box

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Desperate Measures. Pikachu & Ash. Pokemon Vore

Artist: AnotherFetishAccount “Desperate Measures”
Music: Juicy – ALBIS

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Mischief of Spider-chan. Vore

artist: kaname “Kumo-chan no Itazura (Marunomi Chuui)”
music: Dub Cowboy – MK2

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Seras Doesn’t Bite. Hellsing Vore

parody: hellsing
character: seras victoria
artist: vale-city
music: Donors – Letter Box

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Dog-Girl Vore

Artist: allseeingeye-kagero “Summer and Kagero OV Comic”
Music: Funk Down – MK2
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Shauna, Misty and Bianca. Pokemon Giantess Vore

Artist: Muhny “Shauna Snacks”
Music: Ticket — Gunnar Olsen

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Midna’s Envy. Belly Stuffing

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parody: the legend of zelda; character: link,midna,princess zelda
artist: vale-city
music: Ticket – Gunnar Olsen, New Tires – Silent Partner

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Giant cat and girl. Vore Comic

Artist: That_Kei_Guy “Ruby Vore”
Music: The Darkness – MK2

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The Devil is a Part-Timer. Giantess Vore

Artist: SaintxTail “Yusa Emi noms Maou Sadao [Vore]”
Music: Cold Killa – MK2

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