MLP & Fairy Tail Vore: Lucy’s Snack-Time

Artist: Natsumemetalsonic. Character: Fluttershy, Lucy Heartfilia, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle

Music: Silent Partner – New Tires
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Vore Girls: Pasture

Artist: Voraciousmoga

Music: The Darkness – MK2
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Pokemon Vore: Shauna & Serena(Hell Of Swallowed)

Artist: Co Ma | Arniro. Character: Ekans, Serena, Shauna.

Music: Vindicated – Ethan Meixsell, Fight or Flight – Ethan Meixsell.

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Vore Girls: Vorality!!! (Mortal Kombat)

Artist: Natsumemetalsonic Character: Kitana, Mileena

Music: Donors – Letter Box

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Futurama Vore Comic (Amy Wong, Nibbler, Turanga Leela)

Artist: Ricardo Canheta | Rcanheta.

Music: On My Life – Letter Box

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Haunted House. Belly Inflation Vore.

Artist: Malezor

Music: Witchy Britches- RW Smith
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Black Cat vs Jessica Jones. DC vs Marvel Vore.

Artist: KregainSeph.

Music: Witchy Britches- RW Smith, Barge – Gunnar Olsen.
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Bleach Vore: Giantess Riruka

Artist: “no-pornography” Character: Orihime Inouer, Iruka Dokugamine

Music: Infrared – Letter Box
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MLP Vore: Sharing is Caring

Artist: Saintxtail Parody: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.

Music: New Tires – Silent Partner

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Vore Belly: Kos-Mos Rules(Xenosaga)

Artist: acerok | marty z. Parody: Xenosaga.

females only,inflation,thigh high boots,vore
Music: Strut Funk – Dougie Wood
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